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CMS ("Content Management System")

In today's era CMS is a highly demanded service applicable to several industry domains. It is one of our proud offerings which we efficiently deliver to our clients. Valley CMS aggregates the contents from content providers through a web interface through which it catalogs the content and presents it to the end users through Web, WAP, USSD and SMS. Valley's ascendible and high performance CMS platform enables content owners to drive multifarious benefits by delivering and managing personalized, WEB and WAP content and applications. Valley CMS has complete control over the content it accepts from publishers and developers but can customize the content validation process according to the client's needs.


CRBT ("Caller Ring Back Tone")

Ring back tones (RBTs) are what callers hear while they wait for the person they called to answer the phone. Valley offers end-to-end services that allow your subscribers to personalize their RBTs with music, voice recordings and other types of audio content.

Valley CRBT system consists of RBT system which lets subscribers hear ring-back tone and Contents & Media management system which manages ring-back tone contents so that service provider can easily manage and provide RBT service. The RBT system also has a RBT profile manager which keeps record of the user's subscription details like start of subscription, subscription plan (Default, Caller ID, Time, Shuffle, etc.) subscription renewal, tone subscription and tone renewal.