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ESN ("Electronic Serial Number") Tracker

ESN is a numeric identifier that uniquely identifies a CDMA phone. The ESN can typically be found written underneath a phone's battery and is generally written in both decimal and hexadecimal versions. The ESN is what a CDMA network uses to identify a phone and determine which subscriber's account, if any, it is linked to. Because of this, when switching from one phone to another, subscribers will have to provide the ESN of the new phone to the network carrier before it can be activated. This can often be done at the carrier's website. The ESN is slowly being phased out in favour of the MEID, a longer number that is compatible with the IMEI system used in GSM and UMTS phones. This is happening because phone manufacturers are literally running out of ESN identifiers. Valley ESN System has a very versatile O&M system as a pre-integrated module called VVMS (Valley Versatile Management System). Valley VVMS does real time system and application level monitoring and raise alarm via mode Phone Call, Alarms on Screen SMS and Email. Valley Supports both ESN and MEID based handsets.

The Valley ESN tracker facility is expected to meet following marketing needs: