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SMSC: (Short Message Service Centre)

In spite of all previous predictions, SMS is the most widely used mobile messaging service in the world, accounting for at least 10% of ARPU for most mobile operators.

SMSC is an integral part of Valley's VAS platform, the efficient solution for operators to meet high volume market demands. The Valley SMSC is a feature-rich, high-performance SMSC platform that offers constant premium quality service at very cost-effective prices. This innovative technology driven offering from Valley, offers high capacity traffic of up to 2,800 transactions per second. The modular design and integrated load balancing mechanism enables Valley to offer an easily upgradeable, competitively priced entry-level system with no compromise to high quality.

The building blocks of Valley SMSC are used to provide the B-SMSC, an Application to Person (A2P) fast messaging centre that enables SMS campaigns initiated by Valley BMS (ADPS) or other clients.


MMSC: Multimedia Message Service Center

With advent of high end smart phones in the mobile market, the use of Multimedia Message Service in mobile messaging has increased manifold. It enhances the basic SMS (Short Message Service) capability and has become a standard for sending messages that include rich multimedia content including videos, audio, pictures, text pages and ringtones. Valley MMSC has the capability of supporting multimedia messaging for all the above formats.